Solar power heaters

No more power bills for running hot water – thanks to solar energy

High Viability

while electricity prices continue to rise, your solar system is always working at the same cost, making
your home or business independent and more significant in value

Hot water For home

Solar collector is a simple appliance that will protect homeowners from rising electricity bills and provide for up to 90% of annual hot water requirements. Solar power is free if you have the right equipment to harness the power of the sun.

Using Greenec vacuum tube collectors is the most effortless and efficient way to reduce your electricity bill and stop worrying about using hot water too much.

Hot water for business

Commercial operations have vast expanses of roof space and use lots of energy to run their business, only these two reasons make them ideal for installing collector arrays. Installation would take only couple of days but afterwards the water heating costs drop almost to zero. We have already implemented hundreds of projects, and every time the expectations of each our client were exceeded. Once installed you will feel relieved from high energy costs burden and will have released resources for new investments and business enhancements.

Our tailored solar water heating solutions include solar hot water systems which are ideal for any commercial and industrial enterprise buildings:

  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
Strong Sustainability

with your own solar system you produce renewable clean power and protect the environment


We provide customized solutions of superior quality and durability, by using only evacuated tube solar collectors that is a much better version of the hot water systems currently available on the market. It provides up to 40% higher efficiency than regular flat plate solar heating systems, and failure of any component wont effect the performance of the entire system.

By installing our solar hot water systems, you will always feel safe and confident that its efficiency as high as it was during setup.


and durable design

Excellent cloudy

weather performance

15 year



Advanced Technology

Evacuated tube solar collectors are becoming the most popular commercial water heating solution. They are efficient, lightweight and require little maintenance. In other words, they bring several tangible benefits to your organization, and deliver excellent performance even in cloudy days.

Higher heat




Wide application


High degree

of automation

Contact us and get unlimited independence from your energy needs

Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

Best Residential and Commercial heating solution

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  • Great anti-freezing and evaporation preventive ability
  • Pressurized system and automatically working option
  • Any environment conditions, even as low as -35C
  • Easy installation and maintenance
Non-pressure Vacuum Tube Collector

Most Valuable option for hot areas

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  • Minimum thermal loss make it suitable for non-pressurized systems
  • Centralized water supply, great for swimming pools, hotels, schools, hospitals
  • Low operating cost, one-time investment saves future expenditures
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Only suitable for warm and hot areas.
Integrated High Pressure Collector

Easy to install and Effortless to use. Goes with tank

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  • Power output greatly increased by the CPC concentrators
  • Two modes make it suitable for both summer and winter
  • Simple structure - fast assembly/disassembly and easy maintenance
  • Without water inside tubes - system can work normally when tubes are broken
  • •Multifunction frame fits both slope and flat roof

When you invest in solar energy, you can permanently reduce your energy costs and maximize
your energy output. A solar project will help you achieve energy sufficiency and insulate
your business against ever-increasing energy prices.

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