Inverters: 2500 - 3000 W (Europe & Asia)

Technology Core

  • Maximum efficiency of 97.1% and wide input voltage range
  • Internal DC switch
  • Transformerless GT topology
  • Compact design
  • Multi MPP controller
  • MTL - String
  • Bluetooth / RF technology / Wi-Fi
  • Sound control
  • Easy installation
  • Internal wireless communication module (option)
  • Complete DSP control
  • Reactive power control
  • Simple national setting of line supply monitoring(ENS)
  • Easy country configuration
  • Multi - language display
Greenec 2500MTL 3000MTL
Max. DC power 2700W 3200W
Max. DC voltage 500V 500V
Start voltage 150V 150V
PV voltage range 100V-500V 100V-500V
MPPT voltage range/nominal voltage 120V-500V/360V 120V-500V/360V
Full load DC voltage range 190V - 500V 190V - 500V
Number of MPP trackers/strings per MPP tracker 2 / 1 2 / 1
Max. input current 10A / 10A 10A / 10A
Max. input current per string 10A / 10A 10A / 10A


Output (AC)A
Greenec 2500MTL 3000MTL
Rated AC output power 2500W 3000W
Max. AC apparent power 2500W 3000W
Max. output current 12.5A 15A
AC nominal voltage; range 220V/230V/240V;
AC grid frequency; range 50Hz,
60Hz /+5Hz
60Hz /+5Hz
Power factor at rated power 1 1
THDI <3% <3%
AC connection Single phase Single phase

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