Sample instructions for organizing the work of the exhibition stand for the service “Exhibition outsourcing”

The head of the stand should on time before the exhibition, not before the official opening, make sure that the whole stand is mounted according to a previously agreed plan, all exhibits and equipment are in place. He has to make sure that the decoration of the walls, the floor, the ceiling is in the order; inscriptions, visual information is made without errors; advertising, handouts in sufficient quantities and everything necessary for receiving visitors is available. The head of the stand needs to personally verify that all the equipment is functioning correctly, that the lights and the additional lighting are on and that all the equipment installed at the stand is working according to the documentation.

Before the opening of the exhibition on the eve of the evening, it is necessary to hold a working meeting, it is usually held by the highest official of the company, whose competencies include overseeing the direction of marketing, in particular, exhibition activities. At this meeting, members of the team are represented, including the personnel involved, all participants are reminded of the code of conduct at the exhibition, information about the exhibition as a whole is reported, events and special occasions during the exhibition are listed, the goals and objectives of the company are specified, specific instructions and instructions are given. In particular, the distribution of duties in accordance with the plan and the work of the personnel by echelon are specified.

For employees working directly on the stand comments are given to important company documents, techniques and technology of organizing the service of visitors are explained and maintaining records of their records.

Apart public relation manager instructions are formulated and rules are determined for working with the press, with administration and with the organizers of the exhibition.

Then the head of the stand explains the plan and the working procedure of each employee in the first day what is the day of exhibition opening. In the plan it should be clearly allocated who is responsible for the performance of individual works, tasks and assignments.

Also, each exhibition day should start with briefing, staff meetings, where is considered detailed time table of the day. In this time table is defined the begging and the end of the working day and break time.

International experience of dozen carries out events affirm the effectiveness of the daily briefing. Usually it took place two times per day: in the morning and in the evening. The employees can get information about reached goals in the exhibition and noticed disadvantages, which are discussed immediately and ways to solved them are looked for, during these meetings. At daily briefing goals and tasks are formulated for the next day, executives are specified or appointed, in particular, to eliminate deficiencies. 

The same discussion is planned for the last day as well, the day of the end of the exhibition, where results of the exhibition are summarized. Material is transmitted to prepare a consolidated report to the customer.