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  • Aleksandr Gavrik
  • CEO and founder

Better energy

Greenec is an advanced renewable energy provider of solar systems for generating electricity, water heating and energy efficient solutions with LED equipment. Using only latest technology, materials and processes we bring clean energy to homeowners, commercial enterprises, industry estates and government organizations, so they could cut energy costs and use it for free.

By constant development and improvement of installation approaches, ensuring to meet high engineering standards and local government regulations, we make the switch to solar and LED effortless for our customers and partners. With a mission in mind, to bring cleaner and more affordable alternative energy to our clients.

Successful path

Greenec has over 10 years of experience in renewable energy business. Starting from sourcing and supply of professional energy equipment to clients worldwide, we have gathered experienced team of engineers, project managers and installers and began to develop projects across USA, Canada, Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Poland), Russia and recently Thailand. With variety of clients and their needs, we can always offer a wide range of solutions from most powerful equipment for exceptional business requirements, to just an affordable and sustainable components for a homeowner to get fast quality improvement and cost saving results.

We are committed to developing renewable energy, and have already helped hundreds of organizations to save money on their energy bills so they could enjoy higher profits. We can improve your bottom line as well.

  • Mikhail Tropin
  • Sales Director
  • Daria Zhuk
  • Head of Marketing

Easy way

Greenec makes it easy for anyone to start using cleaner energy. By a profound study of yours energy usage, location, needs and budget we will find out most customized solution for your estate. We will carry out the whole process, starting from government permission through design and installation, to constant monitoring and customer support, and everything from single source without any need for multiple third-party agencies.

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When you invest in solar energy, you can permanently reduce your energy costs and maximize
your energy output. A solar project will help you achieve energy sufficiency and insulate
your business against ever-increasing energy prices.

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