With the development of lighting technology the matter of replacing obsolete street lights with new cost-effective options becomes more economically reasonable. Modern diode lamps allow to implement city street lighting with the help of beneficial, convenient, and durable equipment.

The advantages of LED street lighting

The main advantage of the LED is their endurance.
These lamps can work for a long time without requiring any maintenance and thus saving electricity costs. Plus diode street lighting is convenient because of its resistance to temperature, moisture, frost, and vibrations.

With LEDs you can solve the problem of street lighting modernization, which at the same time can help to use energy wisely, reduce maintenance costs, and automate city lighting systems. Such modernization will pay for itself quickly because LED street lighting can save approximately 30% of current energy consumption costs.

For the full renovation of the city lighting, our company offers a wide range of professional services which include the development of street lighting concept based on the height of mounting, the total load on the network, the power of all luminaries, and, individually, the specifications of existing lighting systems and rules provided for internal and outdoor lighting.

In addition, we can provide a payback period plan of funds invested in modernization of the lighting at the facility based on our feasibility study. Extensive experience in the field of city lighting modernization allows our employees to select most efficient light equipment to be used in each particular case and to optimize energy consumption using them.

RGL Compact Genius 90-150 Вт. L140х60

Weight 8 kg.
Dimensions 360х323х163 mm

Increasing security is manifested in the improvement of traffic conditions, reduction of the crime rate and amount of stress associated with insufficient lighting, improvement of psychological atmosphere and formation of a comfortable environment for citizens.

Street lighting (2 - 4 lanes)

Parameters Power, W Luminous flux, lm Illuminance from height in lx
25 m spacing of illumination poles 30 m spacing of illumination poles
6 m 8 m 10 m
RGL-90 L140х60 90 10 800 18 15 11
RGL-120 L140х60 120 14 400 24 20 14
RGL-150 L140х60 150 18 000 30 25 18
  • Street lights RGL-Compact are designed to illuminate the entrance of shopping centres and office buildings, public space like parks and squares, and other places where there is a need for outdoor lighting areas (due to the wide range of power, they can also be used for multi-level landscape lighting);
  • LED lights RFL are ideal for architectural and design purposes like illuminating the facade of buildings;
  • Universal lights RGL-Standard are designed for high-quality street lighting to provide safety and comfort to road users as well as the lighting of public areas. They can be used on highways and motorways, on secondary roads and in residential areas.
The light level depending on the power
30 m spacing of illumination poles.
  • RGL Compact L140
  • RGL-90 11 lx
  • RGL-120 14 lx
  • RGL-150 18 lx
25 m spacing of illumination poles.
  • RGL Compact L140
  • RGL-90 15 lx
  • RGL-120 20 lx
  • RGL-150 25 lx
25 m spacing of illumination poles.
  • RGL Compact L140
  • RGL-90 18 lx
  • RGL-120 24 lx
  • RGL-150 30 lx