Lighting system for a football field or stadium is designed based on a completely different set of rules than for any other outdoor site. It has its own standards and in most cases regulations are performed based on the European standard EN 12193:1999 which requires illuminance of about 1,200-1,400 lx. But there are various guidelines that differ from country to country

Regulations of stadium lighting

On the regular stadiums four light towers (masts) must be installed to hold luminaires, also with linear or mixed lighting configurations. Four light towers provide four shadows on the field, and in case of insufficient height they can create dazzling effect which greatly reduces their relevance.

For a more balanced illumination, linear lamps can be placed above canopies, but this method requires high qualification of installation workers and might increase the overall budget of lighting system. In this case it is important to place lamps correctly – canopies of tribunes should not cast shadows on the field, and the floodlight towers should have a light barrier.

We offer professional design and installation services of lighting system for stadiums in conjunction with reasonable value for money of the equipment.

RGL Standart 20 Degrees Genius 400 W

Optical lens L20
Weight 16 kg.
Dimensions 670×370×300 mm
Parameters Power, W Luminous flux, lm Illumination levels depending on the number of spotlights RGL-400-L20 on the mast
at a height of 20 m at a height of 30 m
RGL-400-L20 400 44 000 150 300 320 800
The light level depending on the power
  • RGL Standart L20
  • 20 шт. RGL-210-L20 – 320 lx
  • 50 шт. RGL-270-L20 – 800 lx
  • RGL Standart L20
  • 10 шт. RGL-210-L20 – 150 lx
  • 20 шт. RGL-270-L20 – 300 lx