Modern gymnasium is a multi-functional space for trainings, competitions, entertainments, and broadcasting concerts. Therefore, when designing lighting system, there is a need to take into account the stringent requirements of several norms and regulations and simultaneously be ready to offer effective solution for any assigned task.

The choice of equipment depends on several factors like: type of sport competitions being held regularly, requirements for illumination, clear distinction of subjects and objects while activities taking place in the gym, good color rendering and contrast differentiation.

Lighting for GYM and its features

Design and installation of lighting systems in gyms must take into account the fact that, as a rule, all sport activities require high level of uniform illumination of the sports ground. This can be achieved by using a multi-line arrangement of lighting devices on the ceiling structures, supplemented by two lines of spotlights on the longitudinal sides of the hall.

The lighting system in the halls with regular competitions should take into account the need to illuminate the spectators tribunes. At the same time lighting equipment must be installed so to avoid possible glare of athletes and increase the illumination uniformity, avoiding losses due to reflection from the ceiling and walls.

RGL Standart Genius 210-400 W

Optical lens L60
Weight 13 kg.
Dimensions 670×370×178 mm
Parameters Power, W Luminous flux, lm Illuminance from height in lx*
10 m 15 m
RGL-210 210 25 200 300 170
RGL-270 270 32 400 400 220
RGL-400 400 48 000 550 350

* minimum illumination levels in case of luminaries arrangement as per 6x6 m grid pattern

The light level depending on the power
  • RGL
  • RGL-210 170 lx
  • RGL-270 220 lx
  • RGL-400 350 lx
  • RGL
  • RGL-210 300 lx
  • RGL-270 400 lx
  • RGL-400 550 lx