Exhibition Service

Organization of exhibition participation

Since 2016 “Greenec” is organizing participation in turn-key exhibition, developing an exhibition stand concept including exclusive ones. We will help you to plan and to display an exposition of any scale, saving you from unnecessary costs and the need to maintain your own marketing department.

Many companies approach the organization of exhibition participation a bit one-side way, focusing their attention on the single success component and not considering the real possibilities of other elements.

“Greenec” provides organization services and holding a full range of exhibition activities mainly in China and in the countries of the Asian region. We are ready to collaborate with our customers in all stage, starting from the moment of contracting and developing exhibition plan for the year ahead until the end of their holding.

Well organized and well conducted exhibition will become an additional marketing and promotional tool, will give an opportunity to find new partners and dealers, and for big market players with a solid reputation will become a means of strengthening the image.

We carry out all kind of tasks starting from the platform selection to preparing exhibition stands and their development, for you to take part in the exhibition you are interested in. Our managers create the most interesting events in China and Asia list every month, where we can help you with participant organizing and preparing exhibition stands.

Also, we organize business events both corporate events and our partners presentation in the Chinese market.

Do you want to assert yourself as a successful company and stand out from your competitors? The “Greenec” company offers to order exclusive exhibition stands of original design, which we produce with the help of trusted manufactures using modern technologies and materials:

– You will get a unique exhibition stand, attracting visitor’s attention and distinguishes your exposition among others.
– Thanks to the extraordinary design of exhibition stands, your exposition will be remembered for a long time by the visitor, making it recognizable at subsequent events.
– Our exclusive exhibition stands are designed by an individual project, which guarantees their exclusivity.

Organization of exhibition participation includes the following services:
  • • Preparation of an exhibition plan for a company or enterprise;
  • • Selecting of a specialized exhibition;
  • • Choosing and renting places for stands;
  • • Design development exhibition stands production;
  • • Holding the presentations, conferences, business meetings and other PR events;
  • • Development and production of promotional materials: souvenirs with the symbolic of the company and a wide range of printed products;
  • • Informing the target audience about the company's participation in the exhibition by sending advertising letters and telemarketing;
  • • Recruiting of an experienced promotional staff.

We approach each exhibition event individually, based on a number of factors: seasonality, location, attendance, industry status, competition, number of exhibitors, etc. Only considering the fundamental factors, the exhibition event will reveal the richest potential.

The range of organizing services of the "Greenec" advertising agency is quite wide. Our main advantage is the comprehensive provision of professional services, mobility in solving tasks and flexible pricing policy, which allows to take into account the interests of clients with different budgetary opportunities.

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