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Easy way to save costs

Every home and business wants to reduce their energy bills and investing in renewable energy is the best possible way to make it happen. When it comes to solar projects, the upfront costs may be high, but you will be able to enjoy tremendous cost savings over time.

Greenec is among the leading providers of residential and commercial energy solutions, and we can manage every aspect of a solar or LED project – right from planning and procurement to installation and maintenance. We are driven by innovation and believe in the power of futuristic technology.

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Today solar and LED projects have much lower upfront costs and the return on investment has increased substantially over the years. Investing in commercial solar systems can recover your investments in up to 4 years.

Each project is different and has its own unique energy and budget requirements, values, and goals. Yours may be a home, small business or a large company with complex infrastructure. In either case, we can create a customized solution that will reduce your energy costs and improve your environmental credentials.

Benefit from Solar Energy and LED Lighting


Let your home benefit from solar power and use energy for any needs without worries.


Save money and enjoy more profits while working 5 days a week, especially when working in daytime.


Reduce your operational costs with solar energy so you could invest in other key area.

Harness the Solar Power

According to statistics, about 500 billion kWh electrical energy is consumed per year and around two-thirds of that energy is consumed by industrial plants. Electricity prices are constantly increasing and that explains why you need to invest in an energy solution today that offers significant cost savings in future.

Solar energy is freely available and clean in nature.

The advantages of investing in solar energy
  • There are several benefits to installing a solar or LED project.
  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Self-sufficiency and independence from rising power bills
  • Enhanced business value
  • Reduced carbon emissions and a better ecological balance

Premium quality

Greenec provides premium solar and LED solutions to businesses. We choose the best products that will offer the highest returns in terms of performance, cost savings, and reliability. This way, we can ensure that our clients will have an efficient and reliable energy solution.

We select high quality solar panels, LED equipment and collectors for each project. Every component that we use undergoes numerous quality control assessments throughout the production and installation process. This way, we can ensure that each product is efficient and durable. We buy products from only those manufacturers who possess certifications of quality and innovation.

Experienced team

Solar experts at Greenec have extensive experience and knowledge in providing our clients with the resources and tools required to become eco-friendly and energy smart. When you hire us to install your sustainable energy solutions, our team will show you how you can reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.

At Greenec, our vision is to provide the greenest and cheapest energy solutions of highest quality using combination of green energy technologies to achieve cost saving objectives.


On-site project assessment


Timing and ROI analysis


Solar system layout and specs


Construction and setup


Validation and Verification


24x7 online


Throughout the process

When you invest in solar energy, you can permanently reduce your energy costs and maximize
your energy output. A solar project will help you achieve energy sufficiency and insulate
your business against ever-increasing energy prices.

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